EOSIO Everywhere
01. Why EOS.IO Software

EOS.IO has proven that
high performance dApps
are a possibility. Today

EOSIO is the first blockchain that has proven to support enterprise scale applications, from gaming, to enterprise mail services, and more. We’re down with that kinda chain.

This is why we’ve made the decision to play a critical role in the EOSIO ecosystem by becoming a Block Producer.

02. Core Benefits

EOS.IO offers unique benefits

Fast, Free Transactions

Unlike most other blockchains we are familiar with, once users have an account in any EOS.IO chain all subsequent transactions in the network are entirely free


EOS.IO's huge community and extensive documentation makes it a perfect playground for developers. Telos couples this with affordable resources for dApps

Improved Governance

With a unique governance model, EOS.IO represents a real-world democracy. Its Telos chain takes this model even further by leveling the playing field for voters

Sensible Token Economics

With a first-of-its-kind internal market for resource exchange, EOS.IO allows users to gain passive income with zero risk. Its token economics are unrivaled
03. Worldwide Ecosystem

Growing Global

EOS.IO chains consist of hundreds of geographically disbursed block producers powering their networks. These networks comprises participation from North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America, Australia, and more. Although being a new chain, the Telos Network alone consists of over 50 block producers and over 100 contributors.

Additionally, EOS.IO tokens can be found on many exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, and more. Telos can be found on exchanges such as ChainRift, FindEX.Pro, and DexEOS just to name a few.

Block Producers

Sqrl Wallet
04. Our Wallet

Sqrl EOS.IO Wallet

Our development team has created an easy-to-use Desktop wallet to interact with your tokens on any chain conforming to the core EOS.IO software. This allows you to access all your tokens, including TLOS, EOS, QBE, IQ, and more in a single wallet.

Since Telos was the first EOS.IO chain to launch with full governance support, Sqrl also supports Telos-specific functions such as creating and voting for worker proposals, registering arbitrators, and more, and is THE recommended wallet for Telos.

05. Team

Team & Advisors

The team behind EOS/Telos Miami consists of professionals with a combined 50+ years of experience in business, sales and marketing, and technology. We're also very passionate about community-based involvement and are involved in several non-profit organizations to help the underserved constituents of our community transform their lives for the better.

Marlon Williams


Praveen Yalamanchi


Morgan James

Director of Marketing

Judson Noel

Technology Success Chief
06. Blockchain Software

Download EOS.IO

EOS.IO is free and open source software. Telos is EOS.IO with some major enhancements to its governance and resource models. Download the latest version of EOS.IO or Telos using the links below

Get EOS.IODownloadGet TelosDownload

15 000 000+
Blocks produced
4,000 tps

Telos and EOS Love
07. Roadmap


The mission of EOS/Telos Miami is to expand the access to and knowledge of EOSIO-based blockchain technology to underserved areas of our community. We're also focused on bringing the information worker community to blockchain via the development of enterprise-scale dApps.

EOS.IO is forked, Qubicles Team Join Other EOS BPs to Launch Telos
July 2018
Our Founder Becomes Co-chair of Telos Development Working Group
August 2018
First Go/No-Go Check-In for Telos
September 2018
Telos Blockchain Network Mainnet Launch, EOS Miami Releases Sqrl Wallet
December 2018
Qubicles dApp Airdrop, Launches on Telos Blockchain
Q1 2019
Community dApps Sponsored by Telos Miami Launches
Q3-Q4 2019