About EOS/Telos Miami

01. Overview

Who Are We

Telos Miami is a sister initiative to EOS Miami and is operated by the same team. The EOS Miami team has been involved with EOS.IO since its ICO phase and have participated in the platform's growth since day one.

In light of the challenges the EOS chain has experienced, whereby claims of vote buying, single entities owning multiple block producers, and issues with ECAF (EOS Core Arbitration Forum) surfaced, EOS Miami joined forces with several other EOS BPs and set out to address these and other challenges with a new sister chain to EOS - the Telos Blockchain Network.

03. Vote for Us

Vote for TelosMiamiBP

Telos Miami is the creator of the official Telos wallet, Sqrl. With Sqrl, you can access your account to perform wallet functions as well as participate in the network's governance. If you're a supporter of Telos Miami and would like to see us as a block producer in the Telos Network, we humbly ask you to download Sqrl and vote for telosmiamibp as a block producer. We appreciate your support!

Click the button below to learn how to download, install, and vote using Sqrl.