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Marlon seeks potential from within the Ghetto's of Miami. He's determine to brainwash the kids with as much STEM as possible - on chain.

Marlon is the founder of EOS Miami. He’s also Founder and CEO of Fenero, a cloud-based call center software company and Qubicles, an EOSIO-based marketplace for connecting call centers with customer service, sales and support talent in a global meritocracy-based system. Marlon has served as Treasurer for the Miami-Dade County Public Schools S.T.E.M. Advisory Board; President of the South Florida Chapter of the Society for Information Management; and is a current Board Member of the South Florida Digital Alliance. He co-chaired the Telos Development Working Group and have lead efforts to adopt multi-chain support in Block.One’s eosjs and eosjs-ecc EOSIO JavaScript API libraries, as well as development of Telos’ official multi-chain wallet, Sqrl.

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