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"Pravvy" sees a future where AI, Virtual Reality and Blockchain are you agree?

Co-Founder of StepFlix, the world’s largest virtual dance studio with 1200+ dance training videos online. Created streamlined video production system to shoot up to 25 videos in one day. Finalist at SharkTank San Francisco in November 2014. $10K startup showcase demo award at May 2015 eMerge Americas conference. Created Roku, Kinect, AR, 360 degree videos and computer-vision based virtual dance partners. Based in Miami.

Founder of Transmedia Studios, an Emmy award winning new media production company. Based in Los Angeles. Winner of 2015 AT&T Mobile hackathon for our YouTube phone calling app. Made world’s first YouTube chatbot and invented YouTube video game concept. Made virtual stock market Facebook game. Leader in Apptrailers and startup explain-it videos. Produced award winning social impact content aired at the United Nations headquarters for all the world’s ambassadors. Produce content and apps for connected TV’s (Roku) and YouTube 360 service in addition to conventional filmed and animated content.

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