The time is here, folks! Telos officially launched the first version of its mainnet today. Version 1.0.0 of Oak is based on eosio.cdt v1.4.1 and eosio 1.4.4.

Here’s a high level overview of the awesome features available in Telos Oak v1.0.0.

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Telos Blockchain Network Oak Release v1.0.0

“Mighty oaks from little acorns grow” – English Proverb

Improved Governance

The Telos Blockchain Network offers an extensive suite of robust governance smart contracts and improvements to the core eosio.system contract.


The Ratify/Amend contract allows registered users to propose and vote on changes to core Telos governance documentation. All TLOS token holders are able to cast their votes on any proposal. For more information, see the Ratify/Amend README.

Worker Proposals

The Worker Proposals contract allows registered users to make worker proposals that are paid for through the Telos Worker Proposal Fund. All TLOS token holders can make and vote on proposals made through this contract. Proposals can also operate on cycles, allowing for payouts to be made only when deliverables are complete. For more information, see the Worker Proposal README.


The Arbitration contract is used to create elections for electing Arbitrators, submitting arbitration cases for evaluation, and enforces the on-chain resolution of cases. For more information, see the Arbitration README.

Telos Foundation Voting Token (TFVT)

The TFVT contract allows TFVT tokens holders to nominate candidates for board member elections, start/end elections, and start/end issues. TFVT holders are the first class citizen of the Telos Foundation contract. Holders can elect their own representatives and help guide the destiny of the Telos Foundaton. For more information, see the TFVT README.

Trail Service

Trail offers a comprehensive suite of blockchain-based voting services available to any prospective voter or contract developer on the Telos Blockchain Network. The Ratify/Amend, Worker Proposals, Arbitration, and TFVT contracts all interface with Trail for their voting services. For more information, see the Trail README.

Free Telos Accounts

This contract is used to create the first 1 million Telos accounts. New accounts created through this contract come at no cost to the user. For more information, see the Telos Free Account README.

Fair BP Pay Distribution

The Telos Blockchain Network has implemented a new, fairer method of BP pay distribution. A snapshot of all Top 21 BP and Standby BP production occurs every 30 minutes, and all earned TLOS are placed into a table for later retrieval. This mechanism eliminates the “gameability” of calling the claimrewards action.

Inverse Weighted Voting

Telos uses an inverse-weighted voting system meaning the more block candidates that are voted for, the more the votes count. Selecting 30 block producers ensures that votes hold maximum value, and voting for fewer than 30 applies a negative weight to the total votes applied to each producer.

Standby BP Rotations

The Standby Rotation mechanism will rotate Standby BP’s into the top 21 for 12 hours to prove readiness for block production. When a standby is rotated in, a top 21 BP will be rotated out to allow for routine maintenance. All Standby producers will have an opportunity to be rotated into the top producer schedule.

Automatic BP Kick

BP’s are allowed to miss 15% of the total block in their rotation schedule. If a BP crosses this threshold of missed blocks, they will automatically be unregistered as a BP and kicked for a set amount of time. The time penalties increase with each subsequent violation, and is decreased every time a BP completes their block schedule without missing any blocks.


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